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Made for each other!

March 1990,

Mukur is three years older to me. We are a similar height, and we looked similar too (in a couple of pictures). Spiritually and technically we were inspired by the same people, Swami Vivekananda and Sir M Visvesvaraya. However I believe this was the case with most peers of his and mine. I kept a mini ‘thus spake’ book of each of them, Mukur kept A4 sized pictures of them. We were interested and inspired by the same aspects in the same books: In How to win friends, the whole book; and in Lee Iacocca, the part of the book where he says food industry is an evergreen industry. We both were excited about the possibility of running a business in the future. In addition, the love of food bonded us together.

I was enthralled by his collection of music: sensuous and moving light music, movie songs and devotional songs. I had not indulged in light music, owing to my love of studies. He was easy-going in every way, something distant to my studious nature. But then, I had no problems adapting to it; to my surprise and chagrin, I even started enjoying it.

Early 2005,

I have adapted myself to who Mukur is and what he enjoys. I have forgotten how I like to be and what I love to do. Now, I love myself this way too. How to bring balance now?

Love you!


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  1. We are contend, delighted & pleased for you Jyo!! Finally……
    Take Care!!
    Always Love!!



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