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ICJ – All Pending Cases Solved

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International Court of Justice – Pending cases

The following solutions to the Pending cases with the International Court of Justice need to be accepted regardless of treaties and maps drawn in the past. The solutions given in justice must be adhered to. Not complying with what needs done will result in exclusion of the respective Country from participating in the UN meetings for the next three years, and no help from the other Countries for the next five years.

  1. Gabčíkovo-Nagymaros Project (Hungary/Slovakia):

Now that the power station is built in Slovakia and in use and the cause of floods due to the full Danube removed, it is not a good idea to ‘remove all buildings and return the river to its original state’. Hungary can consider the following options: Build a channel at the earliest point of the river as they can do, to the Danube and convolute it to irrigate their lands. Build a reservoir at Dunakiliti. Build a power station in Nagymaros as planned earlier.

All Countries will pay attention to the effects of building hydro-electric power stations with rivers flowing at high altitudes – They will weigh the permanent difference it brings to the area of land that will be used to build the power station system, including canals needed to route the water back to the river downstream; with the percentage amount of power generated to fulfil the needs of the Country; with the amount of maintenance needed long term and ongoing with hydro-electric power stations; with the investment needed to build and install solar power cells to self-sufficiency and ongoing replacement of the same. If a hydro-electric power station can be built to fulfil more than 50% of the needs of the People it is invested for, it needs to be considered a good investment; because it is more permanent than not.

  1. Armed Activities on the Territory of the Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo v. Uganda):

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) have inculcated, exhibited and are exercising great patience. DR Congo must stop exporting raw materials. DR Congo must ask for help with education – primary and advanced. DR Congo must invite Art of Living to teach their People to be with Spirituality. Art of Living will send teachers freely. Art of Living Teachers will select Congolese who want to and can help the DR Congo Government establish with Peace, Prosperity and stability in their Country. Uganda must stop such armed activities in different areas.

  1. Obligation to negotiate access to the Pacific Ocean (Bolivia v. Chile):

It is becoming notorious for a select group of People to claim big and good pieces of land for themselves. This is not good for them and the rest of the World. Bolivia is now a close landed nation. Bolivia cannot have access to the Pacific Ocean without permission from Chile or Peru. They need to work together to strengthen their relationship or merge with each other to help themselves together.

  1. Question of the Delimitation of the Continental Shelf between Nicaragua and Colombia beyond 200 nautical miles from the Nicaraguan Coast (Nicaragua v. Colombia):
  2. Alleged Violations of Sovereign Rights and Maritime Spaces in the Caribbean Sea (Nicaragua v. Colombia):
  3. Maritime Delimitation in the Indian Ocean (Somalia v. Kenya):

The definition of Continental Shelf needs to change. The continental shelf to the depth of 300 meters belongs to the baseline of its shore Country. The territorial waters and contiguous zones will extend 25 and 50 kilometers from here. When territorial waters of two shore Countries overlap, they need to have a relaxed relationship with each other – Their territorial waters, will end midway between the baseline of the two countries. When contiguous zones of two shore Countries overlap, they need to have a relaxed relationship with each other – Their Contiguous zones will end midway between each other’s baseline. There will be no exclusive economic zones.  Only Countries above 40 degrees latitude and Countries who have not yet learnt to grow their food to self-sufficiency will be allowed to get their food from the oceans (until they grow their food to self-sufficiency within 2 years) from within their contiguous zone. Countries above 40 degrees latitude who cannot grow food to self-sufficiency even after two years will buy food from other Countries at an exorbitant price. People will stop wanting to live in the cold zones. When Countries are neighbouring at an angle to each other with adjacent shoreline they will work out a mean baseline, territorial waters and contiguous zones and be friendly with each other. Countries of all Continents must adopt these.

  1. Dispute over the Status and Use of the Waters of the Silala (Chile v. Bolivia):

Clean rivers in all Countries – It will be a 1½ year project:

All Countries must keep their bodies of waters clean including the waters that is flowing outside. This is good for the Earth. All Countries will take the next six months to figure out best practices for their industries to remove pollution in the surrounding waters. And the three months after that to clean the waters. In the same six months the industries will chart out means to close the loop on their used water with chemicals in it. And six to eight months after that to implement the solutions. Scientists, engineers and industries in all Countries will work on these and share their best methods with each other in around the fourth month from now.

Bolivia is allowed to use the Silala river as its own planning its usage not to affect the waters that flows out.

Chile must let Bolivia use the water that flows in Bolivia.

  1. Immunities and Criminal Proceedings (Equatorial Guinea v. France):

People must understand, regardless of how much we hoard we can only use one transport, live in one home, sleep on one bed, eat from one plate etc.

Foreign officials, foreign nationals and foreign Countries are not allowed to buy land, buildings in a Country. France needs to buy back the building(s) and give Equatorial Guinea in kind what the People of Equatorial Guinea need, since Equatorial Guinea is developing.

The Government of Equatorial Guinea must stop mining oil to export it.

  1. Certain Iranian Assets (Islamic Republic of Iran v. United States of America):

I went through the first 24 pages and the last 2 pages of the application instituting proceedings for this case.

Foreign officials, foreign nationals and foreign Countries are not allowed to buy land, buildings in a Country. A developed Country will buy back buildings belonging to foreign nationals and foreign Countries in its own Country and give away its own buildings in foreign Countries. Since Iran is a developing Country, United States of America will buy back buildings and industries of Iran and Iran nationals. United States of America can audit and question certain transactions in Bank Markazi but will give back all monies in kind to Iran whatever Iran needs in the form of Industrial set up in Iran.

United States of America must know Iran is not supporting any terror activities. United States of America must know Iran was not involved in any of the tragic events Iran has been charged for. United States of America will withdraw all its charges on Iran for the same and any bad ideas about Iran in relation to the same.


  1. Application of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Ukraine v. Russian Federation):

Compensation for what Russia has done in Ukraine, Crimea, is priceless. How much or what Russia will pay back in compensation will be arrived at, after the compensation for the Indians by the UK is determined, outside of the International Court of Justice. Russia needs to stop doing such deeds in different areas – it is serving no purpose.

  1. Jadhav Case (India v. Pakistan):

If Jadhav was acting as a spy and got caught, Pakistan is allowed to give him a punishment; if not Pakistan needs to give Jadhav back to India with no clauses. If their punishment for him being a spy will be a death sentence, they need to give his body to India intact.

  1. Legal consequences of the separation of the Chagos Archipelago from Mauritius in 1965 (Request for Advisory Opinion):

No Country must depend on tourism alone.

No Country must depend on exports of a particular resource alone.

Islands must be allowed to form their own governments, or they belong themselves to the Country nearest to them. If they need help they will ask bigger Countries and get it. Bigger Countries will help because they can – Help will be to educate, strengthen, in some cases set up industries and leave. If the People of Chagos Archipelago would like to be governed by the People in Mauritius, they must be welcome to.

Chagossians can occupy Chagos Archipelago and develop it for themselves to live in. It they need help to do this, they need to ask the international community with what their needs are. They can check the Pay System document for details.

The British and US People in Chagos Archipelago must leave. They will give whatever they have built in their own names to the Chagossians to use.

  1. Arbitral Award of 3 October 1899 (Guyana v. Venezuela)

No Country must depend on exports of a particular resource alone.

Venezuelans need to develop the land they have for themselves. It they need help to do this, they need to ask the international community with what their needs are. They can check the Pay System document for details. They need to wait for their turn because of their excesses. They need to strengthen themselves with dire measures, if needed. They cannot take land from other Countries and other People.

Countries Guyana and Venezuela will send me a globe each with their wished boundary marked with a shade darker than the colour of their Country on the globe and I shall re-mark it for them and send it back. They shall send it to the address they have for the Australian Government. And the Australian Government will reach them to me via the Australian Federal Police.

  1. Application of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Qatar v. United Arab Emirates)

Both Qatar and United Arab Emirates must know, no Country must depend on exports of a particular resource alone.

United Arab Emirates must know it is not right to use services of People and send them out for no reason. United Arab Emirates must take back the Qataris they sent out and ensure they are protected like any citizen.

United Arab Emirates must know there must not be hate speeches about anyone.

Foreign officials, foreign nationals and foreign Countries are not allowed to buy land, buildings in a Country. United Arab Emirates must buy back properties of Qataris in their Country and pay them in UAE money.

United Arab Emirates needs to release People from prison sentences for speaking pro Qatar. If the released People are not happy to live in United Arab Emirates, they can send them to Qatar, otherwise they need to protect them like any other citizen.

Both Qatar and United Arab Emirates must know no Country must wage war with another Country. If it is known there is war from either Country, both Countries will be removed from UN meetings for up to 3 years. With this in mind United Arab Emirates needs to leave the air space open for Qatar and Qataris.

  1. Appeal Relating to the Jurisdiction of the ICAO Council under Article 84 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates v. Qatar)

Countries Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar must know they cannot have internal agreements of such kind. However, they can operate as sister Countries and help each other in the areas mentioned in the Pay System. This is good for everyone.

Qatar must close operations of Al Jazeera, within the next 4 weeks, for reasons that Al Jazeera is creating unrest where there is none.

There is no meaning to Muslim brotherhood. People in the Muslim brotherhood must stop their operations. Countries with Muslim brotherhood operations must put a stop to them by all means they can within the next 4 weeks. All Countries need to ensure there is no hate speech about anyone about any Country. Qatar needs to act in relation to this.

  1. Appeal Relating to the Jurisdiction of the ICAO Council under Article II, Section 2, of the 1944 International Air Services Transit Agreement (Bahrain, Egypt and United Arab Emirates v. Qatar)

No Country is allowed to wage war on another. All adjacent Countries must know they cannot restrict their adjacent Countries’ use of airspace that has already been awarded to them. All Countries must know they cannot take the matter to their own hands about inter-national issues from now on.

Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Qatar should know they should have taken the matter to International Court of Justice in the first place.

Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Qatar should void all agreements between themselves and start fresh.

The ICAO Council needs to close any/all cases on this matter.

In the future all Countries will bring inter-national issues to me Jyo Aadarsh or the person I appoint in my place or their successor and so on4

  1. Alleged violations of the 1955 Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations, and Consular Rights (Islamic Republic of Iran v. United States of America)

No Country is allowed to wage war on another.

In the right forum I will be saying that all Countries need to disarm their nuclear weapons and stop their nuclear generators. Countries are yet to start establishing Pay System and help each other in establishing the needs of their Countries as per Pay System. Until Pay System establishing all Countries need to continue to help each other as before in all matters other than nuclear.

United States of America needs to remove sanctions on Islamic Republic of Iran.

Cases I do not see anymore:

  1. Request for Interpretation of the Judgment of 23 May 2008 in the case concerning Sovereignty over Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh, Middle Rocks and South Ledge (Malaysia/Singapore) (Malaysia v. Singapore):

Islands must be allowed to form their own governments, or they belong themselves to the Country nearest to them. If they need help they will ask bigger Countries and get it. Bigger Countries will help because they can – Help will be to educate, strengthen, in some cases to set up industries, and leave. No big Country will claim hold on small islands. No island is needed for defence purpose for a different Country.

  1. Certain Activities carried out by Nicaragua in the Border Area (Costa Rica v. Nicaragua):

Nicaragua needs to undo what they have done with the area belonging to Costa Rica.

  1. Land Boundary in the Northern Part of Isla Portillos (Costa Rica v. Nicaragua):

It is becoming notorious for a select group of People to claim big and good pieces of land for themselves. This is not good for them and the rest of the World. Isla Portillos belongs to Costa Rica. Nicaragua must not fight for what is not theirs. I have checked the boundaries of Nicaragua. They have included the entire river for themselves. This is not fair, regardless of when it was included. Nicaragua and Costa Rica are small Countries in terms of area and population. They need to work together to strengthen their relationship or merge with each other to help themselves together.

Her Holiness Supreme Being Jyo Aadarsh





I am taken where I am needed.

It is a weekday; I am at home in front of the computer doing some research on a company for a job interview. Suddenly a thought arises I must go to the shopping centre. Why must I go? I must get milk, before the kids get home. I get ready for shopping and drive to the Eastgardens shopping centre.

It is not like me to come without a list for shopping. All I can think of is milk, to buy. I buy bread and eggs in addition and am wondering – what do I do nextThere is something else to do. Walking past the coffee bar toward the car park, I feel like relaxing with a hot chocolate. The coffee man charmingly asks me if he can interest me in a chai latte with the vanilla flavour.

“Yes. You can because you are asking so charmingly,” I give in.

“You can sit anywhere, I will bring it to you shortly,” he says cheerily.

I really do not want a drink, I would prefer to go home and have my lunch shortly. Just the same I am going to enjoy it. Where do I sit? All tables that are marked for this bar seem taken, with cups, plates, newspapers and mobile phones. The only one with the least on it, I go to. There’s a young girl sitting relaxed with her take away drink in front of her. She is going through her mobile phone.

I: “Do you mind?” I ask her. I will call her Simone.

Simone: “Sure. Please do.”

We comment on our beautiful ear rings and start talking. Simone tells me she is on a break at the moment. She is a freelancer of some sort. She had a boyfriend that introduced her to India. The boyfriend moved on, but she cannot get enough of India. She is planning to go on a trip shortly there. And her brother might join her as well.

“How come you look so serene and peaceful?” she asks.

I tell her what I am into. She is into yoga and meditation as well. And then I tell her about the Guru coming to Sydney and how she could, if she were not going to India shortly, do the course with me. We laugh. She has decided especially because of her brother. I tell her it is Ok, there is always another time.

And then she suddenly tells me,

Simone: “I am pleasantly surprised that you are sitting here talking with me, a stranger, like this. You listened to me say about anything and everything. People do not come like that now-a-days. They have their paper to read, mobile phone to work with…”

I woke up this morning for you my dear. You are pleased to have me talk with you for only ten minutes?

I look around. And yes that is true, people are always busy. They keep themselves busy.

I: “I am on my break now, when I am working you won’t find me in the shopping centre at all.”

We laugh.

I feel she wants something from me. I check my bag. The brochures about the Guru’s visit that I had, I have exhausted them just yesterday at the library. Now it is coming back to me, I bought milk, bread and eggs yesterday already, when I visited the library at this very centre.

I tell her if I had the brochure about the events around the Guru’s visit, I could have given it to her for keep sake from me.

Simone: “Do you want my mobile number maybe to keep in touch for later?” She is asking me sweetly.

I think she is hesitating to ask for my mobile number. I remember my networking days working a multi-level marketing business; I prided myself being a good networker.

“You take the control, you get their number, if you leave it to them they won’t contact you…”

I: “There is no need for that, if it is meant to be we will meet again.”

We part soon after.

Well I have not met Simone yet. However, she reflected back to me who I am today.

Love you!


Law and Sex?

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Law and Sexuality?

The Australian and Indian governments make it illegal for some people to marry based on their sexual preference.

There should be no law on innate harmless urge.

Homosexuality has existed for a long time. Only now people are ready to recognize it and own it. Broad-minded countries are embracing this and allowing for it in their legal system.

To be homosexual is an innate urge – we do not choose to be homosexual. It propagates through lifetimes until it is stopped.

Seeing homosexual men, heterosexual men think they have missed out on something – this has aroused aggression toward homosexual men.

The Guru says “Homosexuality is not a crime. Homosexuality has never been considered a crime in Hindu culture. In fact, there is a story – Lord Ayyappa was born of Hari-Hara (Vishnu & Shiva). #Sec377

Homosexuality-not a crime in any Smriti. Everyone has male & female elements. According to their dominance, tendencies show up & may change.

Nobody should face discrimination because of their sexual preferences. To be branded a criminal for this is absurd.

Gay people are seeking equal rights all over the world – This must mean they do not go on parades showing off how different they are, it contradicts our request.

Most gay people are flamboyant and are distracted at work.  Learning Sudarshan Kriya Yoga and practicing it regularly, we gain focus and clarity. Then there need be no reason we are discriminated against employment at work.

Same sex marriage – it will be legalized.
However, assisted reproduction must not be an option.

Excepting people like Penny Wong and Ellen DeGeneres who have shown themselves to be Leaders – they will do any job they are given well, People in homogenous relationships must be looked upon as adults still needing to grow.

Love you!


Homosexuality is not a crime:

The Guru’s twitter: @SriSriSpeaks

My First Fame

My First Fame

My first fame is yet to come – I think it will come from media outside of Australia.

I have in the past written to print media in many countries including Australia. None of them responded. And in Australia I have written to all the TV Channels excepting TVS and the major daily several times. I even sent them the manuscript for the Book ‘Build it With Love’, my first gift to the World. They have not responded either. I can imagine most of the TV Channels considering their viewers, but I am surprised by the major daily, and ABC – QandA – I thought they thought their readers/viewers to be intelligent.

With Love!


Pay System – My second gift to the World

Pay System – My second gift to the world

Many people will not like me telling them this is a good system to have. Just the same, all Governments who want to do good for their people will want to implement the contents of this document. By virtue of me living in the Country, Australia will be the first Government to implement this document. They will document their steps in implementation and share it with the Governments of the rest of the World.

Since the Industrial age, last 100 years, we human beings have way overloaded the earth, with human wastes, Industrial wastes, Nuclear wastes, Electronic wastes, Consumerism wastes (Cars, plastics, Clothes… you name it) and Agricultural wastes (Pesticides, GMO grains…). Despite of what we have done, mother Earth is providing us with food, even struggling for her life and ours. Just what we have already done will last us Mother Earth for only a few decades. We cannot let this happen. Something needs to be done NOW. We each must fight for Mother Earth while she is fighting for us.

Here are steps to balance what we have done to Mother Earth already…

This document is about changes needed outside of what is already mentioned in Book “Build it With Love”. This document will be considered (and implemented) by all countries in the world. The amounts discussed are for Australia in Australian dollars. Governments of other nations must change these amounts according to their Country’s GDP.

This document currently has been submitted to the Australian Parliament through Government and Opposition Senators for consideration.

This is a document in progress. It holds good for items considered until the item marked with ***.

People must become less rigid about rules.

People who can must – Everyone can.

All employing units – businesses (home based, sole traders, small businesses and large corporates) and government bodies, will pay themselves and all employees (board, executives, sales professionals, IT, helpdesk, reception, human resources etc, etc) the same amount. This pay is a range set by respective governments in a nation for e.g. scaling between $40,000 and $70,000 per annum prorated in Australia. The government can change this every year. The businessescorporates choose what they can afford to pay on an ongoing basis. For e.g. a business ABC can afford to pay $50,000 to its entire staff and hence pays that amount. Corporates help local businesses who cannot pay their staff in this level. People choose to work in Businesses who cannot afford to pay in the level set by the government. People running businesses which cannot retain staff to work for them, because they cannot pay, choose to close or not. Sole traders can pay themselves $20K, that is Ok – they can choose to close or not.

Regardless of number of businesses they operate, business owners will pay themselves one pay – the average of what they pay for their staff in any one business. If they have more than 20 years’ experience in the industry of their business, they can pay themselves 70K.

Self-employed sole traders must take on partners, staff, only if they pay them the same as they pay themselves.

In countries where people use house help, householders must pay people who help them at home the same rate as they get paid at work. People who help us are only extending our capability.

People who cannot show profit in one business cannot open a second business. A sole trader must have at least double their wage as net profit. Some start-up businesses cannot do that – they will be allowed to run however they can. Start-up businesses can be run without profit for up to 5 years. They will be audited once their owners start paying themselves $20,000 or more. People who start start-up businesses must show skills and experience only if they are applying for a loan.

Businesses will use one-third their net profit to needs in the community of their choice, keep one-third for float and give the government the other one-third. This amount will go into the bank for the government. The government will list donations for the year on a website in the order of amounts.

Businesses paying more than one person must have at least half the total wages of its employees as net profit. For e.g. if a business has an owner with one employee, it is paying $80K (min) in wages. Then it must have at least $40K in net profit – of which the owner will give $13.3K to the government, keep $13.3K toward business improvement and use $13.3K for needs of the community they have feelings for. Start-up businesses need not use 1/3 net profit for the community for up to 2 years. I believe their business will take a turn for good once they start using their net profit for the community.

If businesses are not earning enough net profit, their owners must close their business or pass it on – they must make arrangements to sell the business and pay cash to the government minus their pay for the month. If they are running another business, they will not take pay from the closing business.

Businesses with more than 9 employees must have at least quarter the total wages of its employees as net profit. This applies for all businesses larger than this size.

The services taxes will continue to apply how they have been.

The Australian land and its resources belong to all Australians. People who know mining must serve Australia and Australians with their services. In this sense, the Australian Public must offer the land to the Australian Government. To effect this, all Australian mining companies must channel all resources from mining through the government. They must regulate mining to the needs of the country. Mining specialists must establish directives for followers to judge and decide where the mining resources could be found. The government will keep a tab on the decrease in mined resources. Mining entrepreneurs will pay themselves the lowest amount they pay to their employees. Miners will be paid above $50K. The government will pay them.

Countries must ration the oil resources they have. Countries excepting Japan must not expect other Countries to source them Oil.

Equal pay can offend some people. Granted some people work hard, some people are smart and some people are gifted in some areas. I have the need for everyone to feel included and contribute enthusiastically to their fullest potential. The above system will give that. People, who are not happy with this, need to punch punching bags.

People will leave companies for better pay, and that is Ok. There will only be few companies offering. People will leave to do different types of jobs. All companies will be equipped with training manuals for all levels of jobs. Businesses will entertain people by offering them variations in their jobs.

When they need, people, businesses, will apply for loans with their skills and experience to realize their vision. People who are acting now as business angels will assess the feasibility to grant loans. People who are acting now as business angels will be running their own business or be working full time for the government. The government will have consultants for all types of businesses for quick processing of requests.

People, businesses, will continue to advertise by means they use now. Their paid advertisement cannot exceed 1% of their previous year’s net profit. The advertising agencies will be responsible for this. New businesses will not use paid advertisement.

The advertisement agencies need to give ample opportunities for the customers to decide the most beneficial product, business, for them. In answer to ‘Brand matters’, Brands will matter only if they have been developed virtuously.

There is no need for awards. People can come together once a year to celebrate what they did well. People need to come together quarterly to discuss the effectiveness of people’s approaches to learn from one another. For e.g. in media each channel is focusing on different contributions. There is only so much air time. They can only take on advertisers who need customers watching that show. The advertisements should not be about who can pay the most. People must not be allowed to monopolize. This way, more people, businesses, will get an opportunity to advertise. Businesses will advertise because they can.

People must be true to themselves and not show false pretenses. Such things never work out in the end.

People need to realize there is no competition, there is only to enjoy working.

People must not sell customer information – Businesses must have ethics that come what may they will generate their own customers.

Businesses will negotiate with other businesses for market share.

Market Research companies must not sell customer information/data to businesses.

There is always a cycle for consumption. All businesses must change their business outlook in some way every 6-12 years. This is to keep themselves busy, and to keep their commitment to customer satisfaction, and enthusiasm up.

People need to come together quarterly to discuss the effectiveness of people’s approaches to learn from one another. This applies to all businesses internally and externally, nationally and internationally (annually).

People, businesses, must not make offers and make it difficult for customers to use them.

Everybody will be working to serve their customers and better their country. Corruption control will be by means of bank account audits. All auditors need to sign anti-corruption contracts.

The government will encourage all businesses, corporates to take on volunteers on a regular basis. This trains volunteers to become employable. Volunteers will be paid half the minimum wage set by the government for 2/3 the full time work they do. Volunteers look for work the rest 1/3 time. Businesses can have 1/4 the number of employees as volunteers. For e.g.: a sole-trader can have a volunteer for 1/4 the sole-trader’s time in business. If a business has 10 employees, it can have an additional 2.5 volunteers.

The government will have one human resources department paying all government employees, including politicians. Politicians and government employees will be paid between $40K and $70K prorated depending on how well their division/department/organization/business is doing. The government human resources department will also pay volunteers.

If traffic is not heavy enough, take-away businesses will never be able to pay employees at the rate of $40K prorated. The government must not give licenses if there is not enough traffic. If a business cannot be sustained, it must not be opened. Many small businesses will close and change to sustainable businesses.

People must be allowed to tell, their council, what else they would like in their neighbourhood. Businesses must allow their customers to tell them what else they would like to be provided with.

Most schools will provide after school care services. Some schools will provide before school care services. All studying institutions will be co-educational.

There is enough work, with least assistance, for people with disabilities. Nations should share employability’s, for people with disabilities, with each other, to broaden numbers. Employers must be paid an allowance per head of people with disabilities they employ. People with disabilities will be paid as any other person.

People expect old people to want to rest. I can imagine old people wanting to be active and involved. Unless they are senile, old people must be allowed to work for volunteer pay. Old people will choose where and what they want to work. Employers must encourage them to rest often, to keep their standard of work on par. Old people must know they must not disturb others at work. Old people can look after older people – this must be on a voluntary basis.

Population control is needed. The government of the nation will set the number of kids per woman, in its nation – to be 1, 2, or 3 for all future pregnancies. The government will check GDP for the current year and GDP forecast for next 10 years, with respect to population, every ten years, and change the number previously set. Birth control is by mirena – hormone releasing IUD – – Women using it for the first time need to give it at least 6 months (if it does not fall off) before they want to change their mind. Copper-T has been used effectively for many years, in many countries, with least side effects. However use of metal in the body, affects the energies through it. I do not mention condoms because, I expect men to be partnering with a single person – Partners who cannot use the mirena, for any reason, can use condoms. Though I do not need it, I am using the mirena since 2003 – changing it every 4.5 years. It only takes 5 minutes to insert. The doctors should teach the women a technique to relax and breathe. Only married women should need to wear the mirena. For this purpose mock weddings are considered as a wedding. Women, even if they want to, must not be allowed to mother a child without being married.

Please do not mistake what I say, or have said, here or anywhere – I value Sex only in a Marriage. Sex is karmic (Its ill-effects perpetuates life-times). Enjoy sex only with your partner – someone akin to your spouse. All men have niceness in them, still all Women must know and practice this – Women must be civil to all men, but must be wary of ALL of them.

Men are mistaken to assume that all men want is to take a woman to bed. People mistakenly assume that women do not like sexual play every day. Perhaps sexual play needs to be redefined – a tender gaze, a caring touch, a gentle stroke, a delicate kiss, discussing sex with words or pictures, thinking sexual thoughts are all forms of sexual play in addition to intercourse. Women would love their partners/spouses to engage in such sexual play sometimes without the need to progress to intercourse. For this reason a partnered person must not engage in such acts with a person other than their partner/spouse – it is transgressing the other person’s space whether they think like that or not. It is good to have values, that, ‘I will have sex only with my life partner.’ Also let us keep in mind sex in thought is better than physical sex. It needs to be illegal to take nude pictures and videos.

Young people for the first ten years will take less pay.

People, who do parents’ jobs – child-carers, nannies to children, house-helpers, will be paid for 8 hours for every 7 hours they work. This is to ensure they will be available on short notice.

In events of natural disasters people of the town come together to contribute to redevelopment of properties lost/damaged. Insurance companies do as much as they can. People, whose properties become lost/ damaged, must allow themselves a standard made possible by the community pool in such eventualities.

All registers will be with government. The government will pay for all education. The government will see what expertise is needed. Nations lacking infrastructure will ask nations with infrastructure for funds and expertise. Nations receiving the expertise will look after the foreign national experts. Foreign nationals providing expertise in developing countries will teach, make sure what is taught is imbibed, and leave.

Prodigies/ geniuses recognized early on will be allowed to train in other areas in addition to the area they are already highly developed in. Prodigies and geniuses who cannot fathom social intricacies will be made aware and not be allowed to speak for large audiences.

People do not need to want to live longer. People can donate their bodies upon death, for medical studies and research.

About Sick people – Too much care is not needed to take care of Sick people. Some people are afraid that people would want to look after them only for personal gain. They need to know they are thinking like this. There needs to be only minor adjustments needed in our life to take care of someone whom we need to take care of. Some carers for Sick people are afraid something might happen to them when they are away. They must know they are already away when their sick people are being looked after elsewhere. If you can only feed them twice a day, that is all sick people will live with and their medicines as well. Men are not keen to look after the sick. If men did care for the sick, their women did everything else at home. Women these days are not interested in doing everything else at home. Men need to help their women with everything else at home – It should be like there is no difference between men and women with what they need to do – After all there are few things that either of them physically cannot do. In my observation in India, most mother-in-laws are very bossy. Their children and spouses must handle situations with care. Father-in-laws are authoritative. Their children must ensure they attend Art of Living course.

People without children will take care of sick and older people without children.

There is no need to pass on family names. Partners on marriage can take their spouse’s first name. Children can take their parents’ first names.

In all customer service circumstances, people must not take cash personally for the work they need to do or donate cash personally for work that needs done; other than the charges set out for services.

All nations must start using the metric system for measuring everything. Teachers at schools must train local people how to use the metric system to measure distances, volumes and weightiness. Measuring tapes will still show inches and centimeters for some time, measuring weights cannot.

Developed countries importing goods from developing countries must commit to, increasing the standard of living and production in the countries they import un-wasteful goods from; for a period the developing countries can sustain themselves.

Developed countries in their material interests have advanced far in technology. They need to provide technology to developing countries until they are on par with technology. Developing countries need to buck up in their alertness to receive and advance technologically. Developing countries need to help lesser developed countries. The helping countries get human resources if they like, or nothing.

It would be good if everyone could use public transport – Public transport could be made more efficient. People could then use their vehicles only for going on holidays and shopping. One idea toward this is that the governments invest massively (with all the money coming in from the businesses) in the transport system from everywhere to everywhere and then increasing the petrol prices exorbitantly.

Most of the cities in the World are over populated and hence over polluted. Pollution control systems (transport) mentioned in this Pay System document is needed. Until such time such a system is in place, People must feel free to wear face masks to protect their lungs in all polluted cities.
People can make themselves industrial grade masks with three to four layers of thin cotton cloth (like that of a dhoti) frilled at the edges of the mouth and tied behind their head. This can be washed and reused.

In foreign countries embassies are needed only for granting visas.

People need to be able to do anything their heart says except rape, murder, bully, be corrupt, or be racist.

Everyone will learn on their job. How to manage time will be trained on the job.

Jobs which people do not want to do will be paid more. Eventually when no one wants to do these jobs even with more pay, everyone will do it on a weekly/monthly compulsory basis, which the government decides.

There will be jobs which people can do from home (envelop filling, researching the internet, writing, data entry). People with mental disability will be taken care of at home by their parents. Parents taking care of them can choose to work from home – They will be paid an allowance for half time by the government. Parents must not take too much pressure on themselves to make their child with mental disability self-reliant. People with mental disability, without carers, will be taken care of, in nursing homes – the government pays.

Border protection – Trauma of watching – PTSD – post operational psychological screening must be mandatory for all personnel. Central Intelligence Agents need to participate in Prison Smart program a couple of times.

Retired Soldiers (not anyone higher) must be encouraged to become teachers.

Supermarkets will function like any other business in this system – Supermarkets will pay minimum 40K prorated to all its employees, Supermarkets will use their float money to expand. This way Supermarkets will not be in competition with corner stores. Supermarket franchises will do the same.

Shopping centers will function like any other business in this system. They will house businesses based on needs of the community rather than how much businesses can pay.

While businesses give 1/3 of their net profit to the government, business owners, employees pay tax as nominated by the government.

CEOs will enjoy moving to different businesses and helping them holistically to expand. CEOs will only work with one business in one tenure. All other people will work with one business at a time (they cannot claim the same hour as worked on two businesses).CEOs of small businesses will not have much to do in one tenure, they will make themselves useful for such businesses in other ways.

People with 20 years’ cumulative experience in one field will get paid the highest rate when working in that field.

3-5 Experts in each field of study or industry will help the government in setting up registries in respective fields. The universities will separately provide lists of fields and suggest 3-5 experts for each field. Universities will ensure that the fields they list cover all items considered in this document. The universities will also suggest a team to consolidate these lists. The government will pick the team to consolidate. The government will appoint a separate team to pick the experts.

In addition to the many registries, the government will maintain a registry for new inventive ideas. People with ideas can register their tried/untried ideas here. A team of scientists/ engineers will investigate the feasibility of these ideas for small or large scale production/usage.

The registers are needed to

  • Arrive at what level of education is needed in which field
  • Keep track of inventors’ inventions
  • Track types of skills needed for a particular profession
  • Describe experience of consultants – After 20 years’ cumulative experience in a particular field, people can become consultants – this list will describe how to choose such a person
  • Decide how many students, workers are needed including number of consultants

Consultants are needed in each field to

  • Assess skills ability to realize goals in loan applications
  • Suggest improvements in the field
  • Select other consultants
  • List types of roles, to arrive at educational levels
  • Consultants can talk with Realized being to affirm their convictions – the government can have access to a Realized being
  • Update the register with shortage of skilled workers, if necessary, yearly
  • The government will let groups of consultants decide and update registers every 5 years

The registers will list the following:

  • Types of work in the field
  • Types of Skills
  • Experience levels
  • Number of types of workers needed including consultants per 1000 population
  • A ball park figure length of time a particular job can take
  • Application forms for consultants

Experts can themselves apply to become consultants to the government.

Public will have access to all registers.

All educational institutions (excepting Law) will save 3-4 seats for students from lower economic backgrounds – determined by the government, up to 3 generations back. I do not mention Psychiatry because that field will not be needed in 20 years. Until that time Psychiatry will be excepted from the above seat criteria. All institutions can occasionally extend the number of seats by 2-3 students based on experience and merit. The point of this discussion is that the admissions will be given to students based on merit on application.

The government will pay pregnant women minimum pay from their 7th month to their new born’s 6th month regardless of their expertise. In case of abortions, stillbirths, within the first trimester, the woman will be allowed 1 week’s rest without pay – This leave is addition to the leave allowed for employees in a year. In cases when the woman does not deliver a baby after the fourth month, she will be allowed 1 month’s rest without pay – This leave is addition to the leave allowed for employees in a year. Women can rest without pay, a further six months after their infant turns 6 months. At 40K pay everyone can allow for child care. It is expected the father of their child helps in every way they can.

Household cleaners will have their charge sheet – they will charge more than $40K prorated – this is because their work will always be less than a full day’s work. Cleaning Businesses will continue to charge for their services as per their charge sheet and the cleaning business will pay the cleaner how much they can $50K or above prorated.

Builders pay themselves the lowest amount they pay to their employees. Types of jobs they cannot find enough workers for, they pay more – This type of job will also have shortage of skilled workers listed in the registry. People can work as many hours and get paid more (the usual hourly rate). If there is shortage of workers to work additional hours, the workers get paid more for the additional hours they work. Some people work a job themselves and manage other people’s work in addition – These people get paid for the hours they work.

Plumbers and other household maintenance service providers will function like cleaners.

Lawyers and accountants will continue to work and charge how they do now. They will function like any other business, sole-trader mentioned here. They will give one-third net profit to the government, use one-third profit to needs in the community of their choice, and keep the rest of the profit for float. It must be noted this usage in addition to helping local businesses. They will hire help if they can pay them the same wage as they pay themselves. Professionals in all fields will operate the same.

Contractors will be paid like any other employees.

Franchises, if their parent company is outside of their country, will pay one and half months’ net profit severance pay to the Country of their parent company. In return, the parent company will give necessary equipment, knowledge, wisdom, setup needed for the franchises to operate in the franchisee country(ies). Parent companies in their countries will operate as any other business – giving one-third net profit to the government, using one-third profit to needs in the community of their choice, and keeping the rest of the profit for float. It must be noted this usage in addition to helping local businesses. Franchisees changing businesses will not pay severance pay. ‘Franchises’ includes all industries, including supermarkets.

Multinational companies will sever ties with their parent companies similar to Franchises. Multinational companies will not be allowed to transfer money earned in one country to another for reasons other than doing good.

There is no more foreign investment needed in the world. There is only foreign exchange that needs to take place. Countries like the United States of America and Australia who have a high world debt will start paying their debts by helping other Countries raise their living standards. Countries like Greece with current economic crisis will pay foreign debt in the extent possible at a time on a yearly basis. To do this they will continue their export and pay all revenue from export as debt. In addition, they can invite tourists to visit them at lower than normal costs, so people will have more incentive to visit. Economic crisis in a country is the result of over-spending. Greece needs to increase its agricultural output to up to 80% from the current 3% of its GDP. Non-agricultural Greeks, including politicians in addition to what they need to do, must help agricultural Greeks in growing crops and in the spare time do what they like to do. And, whatever they do in their spare time, let people give freely to others. Greeks together need to grow crops to become self-sufficient rather than growing commercial crops alone. As a temporary measure the Greeks must ration the amount of food they have, while they are doing all the above. They may need to cook and eat communally. After they arrive at 80% agricultural output, Greeks must continue to participate in agriculture and in their spare time invest in building their infrastructure.

Countries with less land must make enormous efforts to grow their own vegetables. They must teach each other ways to grow more and more vegetables.

Retired Soldiers and personnel of all ranks must be allowed to work as lollipop persons. All civilian lollipop licenses must be nulled.

Governments must get all GMO companies to wind up and cash their money. People closing companies must only get their pay. They must be given one week’s notice. People running GMO companies are morally bound to complete this task ethically.

Governments must get all farmers to burn all fields with GMO crops.

Governments will construct shelters for the homeless, for 100 people, in places needed – to live for the night, have shower. Food will be provided close by. The shelter can have space, to conduct Art of Living course, for 100 people to do yoga. All shelters can house one Art of Living teacher. All homeless people must be told that the shelters are available for them to use. No one must be forced to use the shelter facilities. Homeless people who do not want to use the facilities are Realized beings wanting to be free (even those who use can be Realized beings).

Countries with fleeing people – People flee for fear of death for whatever reason or because they become poor and cannot find work. Countries must assure their people by embracing principles of Art of Living and by implementing the principles set out in this Pay System document. Until these Countries transform, other Countries must take a lead in protecting the fleeing people.

In a years’ time, there will not be excessive income earners. There can be people with excessive properties or bank balances. Tax Cuts on higher income will need to change to address tax on assets, income on savings alone. People need to feel privileged to pay higher taxes because they are doing it for the betterment of their country.

People, who cannot appreciate that their money is going for good causes, must punch punching bags.

Trading Stock – Businesses can do with some help from the public by means of investment. However, people only want to invest in businesses doing well. All businesses peak in performance. When that happens people will take away their investment and the businesses will lose the original investment that people made in them and become worse off. There is no point in such investment.

Stock exchange must sell their assets (excepting the land and the building) to the highest bidder – usually media companies. The land and the building are the government’s to use. Property consultants to the government will advise the government on what to do with the land/ building. The Stock exchange will pay stock owners maximum they can, after they have paid the traders how much ever they can. They will do this, before they sell their assets, and exit the stock market.

Insurance companies collect money from people and businesses on a monthly basis. They are holders of the money. They will invest this money in the government. When people, businesses, need, the government will pay them through the insurance company in the same way insurance companies are paying now.

Airline companies must invest in better systems to reduce their carbon footprint. Airline companies must come together nationally and internationally (like all other businesses) to exchange ideas to become more sustainable.

Utility companies –

State Emergency companies –

Pets –

In transition to this pay system,

  • Businesses will develop manuals for training to do everything.
  • Scientists, Engineers, Businesses will work together to re-calibrate measuring devices (in countries needed).
  • Businesses will change their recipes, manuals, specifications to reflect metric measurements where there is not (in countries needed).
  • In addition, Manufacturing companies will change their packaging, labels to reflect metric measurements where there is not (in countries needed).
  • Government – Selected experts will develop registers for every skill.
  • Government will get the experts to list questions the public may have about their specific area, with respective answers.
  • Government will open up a temporary call centre to clarify any questions the public may have.
  • People will change recipes to reflect metric measurements where there is not (in countries needed).
  • China (and Countries like China) to – Ban export of discount goods
    • Get people, working in such facilities to, farm
    • Collect money from people closing shop
    • Improve transport facilities from everywhere to everywhere – China needs better roads and buses. China has raw materials, It needs equipment and system to build roads and buses quickly – It can borrow from the USA and Australia
    • Get farmers to halter burning of fields at the end of harvest, to burn over a week, rather than a single day
    • In Countries, like China, whose vast population come out of work quickly (because of closing businesses), people out of work must grow their own food. Such countries must expand in areas where there are not much people.
  • India (and Countries like India) to – Improve transport facilities from everywhere to everywhere – India needs better roads and buses. India has raw materials, It needs equipment and system to build roads and buses quickly – It can borrow from the USA and Australia
    • Build a sophisticated Human Waste Management system for the rest of the world to follow on
    • India will close all foreign franchised companies
    • India will borrow technology from the USA and Australia to cut stones. Cutting stones manually will be banned in India.
    • All children will go to schools
    • Illiterate people will work jobs doing household chores
      • There will be literacy programs everywhere needed. Children will be encouraged to teach their parents and grandparents
      • Once literate, people can be encouraged to become farmers.

Human Waste Management system:

Human waste must be utilized.

Human Urine is good pesticide.

Human urine must be collected separately. It must NOT be mixed with human faeces. Any tissues used must go in with the human faeces.

The Local municipal will collect human Urine and food scraps on a three day basis.

Human faeces must be collected without water, some urine is Ok. In Countries like India where people wash themselves, people can make a habit of taking shower/bathing soon after their excretion in the morning.

Potassium Permanganate solution at the right dilution/strength can be used to sanitize hands after using the toilet system.

A plumber will come to every home to remove the previous system and provide the new system (2 pieces) for every home. Households can buy additional system(s) for additional bathrooms for a cost. They will also provide an insect trapping system, and a vegetable/food scraps recycling system.

The system will come in different sizes – 1 person (10 ltr), 2-person (25 ltr). A single person would fill a 10 ltr system in a month. A 5 person family would fill a 25 ltr system in half a month… The human waste will be collected on a fortnightly basis. Households keep the bins out, generally, after they are filled.

Some households (with garden area) can choose to make their own compost. They need hand gloves to elbow and industrial grade face mask (or 4 layered cloth mask).

Tampons and sanitary pads contain too many chemicals and can be non-bio-degradable – They must NOT be mixed with human waste. Blood collected in sanitary cups are good to add. Cloth pads are good to add as well.

Teachers must learn how to use the waste management system, make compost, recycle vegetable/food scraps, trap insects, and train every home in their local area.

Neighbours can help old people.

Local councils will seclude a block of land enough for twenty-four pits. A 10,000 population fills a pit 700 mtr sq x 3 mtr deep pit in a month (half human waste, half mulch).

Western countries already use 1/3 the paper needed to combine with the waste. Food/vegetable scraps used to make the compost will lessen the paper/mulch needed.

Pine needed to make much will be grown and regrown for this purpose.

Scientists will arrive at the specifications of the materials that need to be used. Engineers will build the systems. They cannot do much about the bacteria, but they will do enough about the smell. Indian scientists and engineers will provide the initial working system. All improvements in technology will be shared between all nations. Nations will pay for symposiums. Such symposiums must be held in all areas of science and technology.

Human waste in this way, composts in a year.

Human waste must not be used for biogas generation, because it is unhygienic.

The manure will be given to farmers on a yearly basis.

More producers are needed:

People must be allowed to become producers.

Only people who are intelligent can go. Only people who understand the land can go.

The government can build 3 bedroom houses and give land enough for two people to look after, to the First nation’s People. Other people can meet half way for the same. People can make their own manure. People can grow crops, vegetables, fruits, milk cows, etc in their part of land. Some teachers can teach them about growing.  When they are ready, people can grow crops together.


Cremation is the right way to dispose off the human body. It is the last service the human body can do for having lived on this planet – become fertilizer. There will be five electric cremation units constructed near prisons. I say this because there is a lot of space near prisons for people to gather, and prisons will not be needed in 10-15 years’ time. Electric cremation does not need additional fuel; the human body has enough fat to burn. Even a diseased body is good for use as fertilizer, when cremated. A handful of ash can be given to the family of the cremated and the rest given to farmers for use as fertilizer. The calcified bones are not biodegradable; they need not be pulverized, and can be interred.

Local doctors are only responsible for pronouncing that a dead person is dead. They need to know how to prove to themselves, in three ways, that a person is not just unconscious.

There is no need for testifying by coroners – it is a waste of coroners’ valuable skill and time. People, who cause death and hide it, will pay for it in their own time.

There is a need to claim the land of the buried:

Bodies interred take longer than five years (without coffins, three months) to decompose. Bodies interred within the last five years must be exhumed and cremated. I, Jyo Aadarsh, will absorb any problems that may arise out of exhuming the dead.

The concrete structures and gravestones need to be removed.

The land (of the buried) belongs to the government. No construction can happen on this land – This is so we respect the wishes of the previously buried. Lawn must be grown on this land, as long as the local community wants, up to three years. The local community can help weed on a weekly or monthly basis. Kids younger than eighteen must not be allowed to walk on this land. After three years (or less), flowers and fruits must be grown on the land (of the buried).

Current cremation facilities cannot remain.

Electric cremation of a human body takes up to three hours to complete.


The Government Oversees:

Government Oversees - This picture and any part of this document can be reproduced only with attributing to the source and its author Jyo Aadarsh. I do not have permission from Art of Living to mention its name.

Government Oversees – This picture and any part of this document can be reproduced only with attributing to the source and its author Jyo Aadarsh. I do not have permission from Art of Living to mention its name.

Pay – Items considered/ to consider:

  • Engineers, Electricians
  • Nurses
  • Pregnant Women
  • Doctors, Surgeons, Specialists
  • Women with child(ren) younger than 2 yrs
  • Women with child(ren) younger than 6 yrs
  • Women with child(ren) younger than 8 yrs
  • Contractors
  • Lawyers
  • Small Business owners
  • Accountants
  • Builders
  • Garbage Collectors
  • Medium Business owners
  • Large Business owners
  • Stock owners
  • CEOs+
  • Teachers, Lecturers, Librarians
  • Volunteers
  • Social workers
  • Cleaners, Janitors
  • Cleaning Business Owners, runners
  • People with disability
  • Mentally handicapped
  • Miners
  • Stone cutters (no more stone cutters in the world)
  • Construction workers
  • Plumbers ***
  • Industrialization
  • Farmers
  • Food growers, helpers to growers
  • People who look after cows
  • Cow Cleaners
  • Attendants
  • Personal Assistants
  • Singers
  • Actors
  • Artists – Painters
  • Scientists
  • Cashiers
  • Archaeologists
  • Astronauts
  • Astronomers
  • Astrologists
  • Clairvoyants
  • Historians
  • Theologians
  • Priests, Clerics, Nuns
  • Truck Drivers
  • Private tutors
  • Personal Trainers
  • Food Transporters
  • Art Curators
  • Jewel makers
  • Pilots, Air host/esses
  • Models
  • Telemarketers
  • TradesPeople
  • Franchisers
  • Franchisees
  • Students
  • People on study
  • Bad weather
  • Plant breakdown
  • Labour intensive
  • ACTU
  • Economic Units – Household, Firms, Government
  • Money, Gold, Security
  • Export, Import
  • Welfare Economy
  • Non-welfare Economy
  • Communist Economy
  • Capitalist Economy
  • Socialist Economy
  • Business Angels
  • Selectors, Advisors = 20+ years’ experience in their field of advice/selection
  • Realized Beings
  • Auto drivers/ Cab drivers
  • Produces must be used within certain time
  • Food Transporters
  • Abattoirs
  • Caterers
  • Trainers for growers/farmers
  • Training in other fields
  • Training for artists, art forms
  • Entertainers
  • Child Labour
  • Homeless people
  • Released prisoners
  • Released Soldiers – Lollypop people
  • All people get trained on the job
  • All businesses refresh 6 yrs/12 years
  • Politicians
  • Writers
  • Opera singers
  • Opera administrators
  • Conductors, directors
  • Shareholders
  • Banks
  • Population growth/deceleration
  • Aging population
  • Soldiers
  • Parking
  • Public Transport
  • Dumb people
  • Marriages
  • Relationships
  • Desires – happiness, unhappiness, life, people
  • Desires vs visions, success vs failure – Business
  • M S Ramaiah – Oh nanna Chetana
  • Afterlife ??
  • Comedians
  • Insurance – how will it work without trade
  • Commission jobs
  • Transitions – People
  • Transitions – Businesses
  • Transitions – Government
  • Tourist places in India and countries like India
  • Prices in Tourist places in India and countries like India
  • Sex workers
  • Education, Girl education in India??
  • Creating Jobs
  • Jobless
  • Advertising jobs
  • In India beggars, transgenders, foot sales people – selling odd items, fruits, flowers, chains, sunscreens, sunglasses
  • Patients
  • Long term illness patients
  • Psychotic/mental patients
  • Care for above patients
  • Waste management system
  • Human waste management
  • Corruption at the Government – how to avoid
  • Blind people
  • Deaf people
  • Guide dogs
  • People who cannot speak
  • Cord Blood
  • Mines
  • Hotels
  • Embassies
  • Drunk driving
  • Short staff
  • Recruitment agencies, staff
  • Some people are unscrupulous – immoral
  • Confidence – overconfidence
  • Sensitivity to criticism
  • World belongs to people
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Work smart
  • Build society
  • Meaningful autonomy – common interest is more important than national interest; – Material development – transport??
  • Geniuses
  • Prodigies
  • Cremation
  • Unearthing of burial grounds
  • TV personalities
  • Media as a business
  • ADHD – hyperactivity people
  • Pets

Governments will pay to implement the contents of this document –



Why GONSKI could be wrong?

David Gonski has made his name doing business. Education is not a business. David Gonski has not been a teacher or a principal and hence is not the right person to advice about Schools.

Julia Gillard did well to hesitate midway of the process – her intuition told her the research was not well considered.

It is not right that we compare our schools with the schools elsewhere. (By the way, 5 of the 40 odd Australian Universities have been ranked top 100 in the world by published academics…)  Also there is no need to point out low performance amongst students.

Schooling resources must be built up not put on.

Current funds must be used right.

School planning and building expansions must be driven by schools themselves and their staff.

Private schools are set up by savvy businesspersons who were once a principal of a government school. They learnt the tricks of the trade, found what needed improvement, and how they could use this information to better themselves and others. Even in a free education system, private schools will get government assistance per number of child they are teaching free.

Public schools should be brought up to match private schools in the resources for learning because we do not want some students to miss out. Public schools need extra resources to cater for additional levels of children they serve. Public schools will not select students based on religion. Public schools will teach tolerance to religions of students in the school without separating the students.

There are not enough people interested in being teachers.

Parents and community must acknowledge that teachers in younger schools play a noble role.

People who love to teach must be encouraged to teach – this knowledge can be gained from the choice of work they make after high school and during university.

Teachers must be trained to expect the most from every child. Teachers need to be tested for their teaching abilities and trained in areas where they need training. The government must stop ruling schools. Teachers must be given some time to be together with each other.

The community must encourage studies and studying – this is needed.

It is good for media to give less importance to people doing it out of the education system.

School related shows turning into sex related shows do not encourage students. Shows preparing students with certain questions and making fun of adults are not needed.

Parents are stressed – Businesses and organizations need to hire people who are interested to do the job and train them, and not go for people who look good on the resume.

Let the schools inculcate the love of studying in students – that is what is needed. Let this love of studying be furthered in higher education in addition to preparing students with the skills to work.

Let schools be given opportunities to work and serve the community, this will make students good leaders of tomorrow.

All 18 year olds will get career advice at their respective schools. They must take personality tests to know their personalities. They must apply for courses based on what they enjoy the most or what they think they enjoy the most. Personality attributes needed for People in the fields of work will be their guide. People who cannot get into courses of their preference will need counsellors. It is up to schools to arrange for counsellors. All schools must have advisers for students to help with school related problems – These can be teachers themselves.

… This is about how to use what is available now…

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Disclaimer: This blog and the above reports/articles is about Australian Schools.

Ever since I recognized that my mum was a teacher at a primary and middle school and heard her challenges with the system, it has been my passion to seek improvements for students of underprivileged backgrounds when I am ready.

Love you!


Subtle Communication

Subtle Communication

Subtle energy is the prana, life-force, within us. Subtle body is the ethereal form, through which we experience the prana. I did not think about subtle energy or subtle body, until I wrote this, but I have been experiencing both since August 2006.

How do Subtle Energy, Subtle Body work?

There are pre-requisites for me to experience the subtle energy and subtle body with another person –

Be centered/ relaxed within i.e., Be with a meditative, quiet, or a still mind.

In a still state of mind, thinking softly of someone, now that I love the whole world, I am connected with them in subtle energy; if that person is also relaxed at the time, and is thinking about me. Being this way I communicate and experience their energy within me.

I experience subtle energy, subtle body relationship with James regularly daily/weekly/monthly. My relationship with him has been only in subtle energy. I have met James twice. And I receive messages in subtle energy from the Guru and Rishiji, my mentor.

Who I know communicates with subtle energy?

I know others who communicate with the Guru this way. The communication happens intuitively.

Subtle Energy, Subtle Body experiences are a privilege of a few; they are not for everyone. When I am not centered in myself, if I think I am experiencing subtle energy, subtle body, I will be deluded. Even when centered, I must not take subtle energy, subtle body experiences for granted.

Initially when I experienced subtle energy with the Guru, Rishiji, James or anyone else I checked for additional signs around me to confirm what was exchanged. Initially when I experienced subtle body with James I checked for more than one sensation in my body to confirm.

Subtle communication is not telepathy – When people communicate subtly they know the communication has happened and the communication can be two way.

With Love!

Jyo – Telepathy images