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How to be with pain?

How to be with pain?

Through many vicissitudes in life, we need to be brave. The courage to face hardship helps us manage emotions and other feelings that arise in the mind. Shying away from facing hardship, emotions, and other feelings, accumulates them as pain in the body.

In September 2012,

My blog-site is yet to catch numbers of followers. My writer club friends Tagi, Lenma and Najo together ask “Whom are you writing the book for?” My reply is spontaneous. “It seems I am writing for the two people who want to read my book.”

Elsewhere Sonja says “Get an editor, get reviewer to review your work.” Looking for reviewers, I chance upon Tanya. Tanya is an avid reader and reviewer of young adults’ paranormal romance, paranormal fantasy, vampires, were wolves, suspense, anything supernatural, dark, British comedy, erotica, gay-lesbian-bisexual-transsexual, crime. Her social site reveals more. She is going through personal challenges – multiple illnesses. Moved by her pain, I bless her. Blessing will bring relief to the blessed on many levels, financial, health, social, personal. Its effects will stay for up to two months. But then, everyone must go through their share in their lifetime. There are many people suffering through pains and illnesses of the body.

Some illnesses of the body associated with chronic pain are: Pancreatitis, Crohn’s, PTSD, Anxiety, Bipolar, Depression, Diabetes, LUPUS, Fibromyalgia, MS, ME, Arthritis, Cancer, Heart Disease, Epilepsy, ADHD, Autism, M.D. Evan Syndrome, C.M.T HIV, AIDS etc. These are called invisible illnesses. People suffering through them describe their impasse –

I dedicate this section to people going through such pain.

How does pain manifest?

Pain and pleasure are consciousness experiencing through the body.

Pleasure is the experience of consciousness moving on the surface of the body as stimuli. When consciousness shrinks in the body, then the sensation of pain and suffering arises. Suffering is the shrinking or contraction of consciousness.

Pain is consciousness seeking to expand and to become free.

Pain is temporary. The natural tendency of consciousness is to expand, to become bliss. Like the natural tendency of water is to flow downward, the natural tendency of consciousness is to expand and be at peace. When we are in pain, we forget to be at peace and in bliss, just like the person who is an insomniac has forgotten how to sleep.

How to ‘be’ with pain?

Practicing Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (S.K.Y.) regularly removes karmic effects of lifetimes and reminds us of ‘who we truly are’, deep within. In addition, imbibing knowledge, meditation and practicing yoga prepare us in the above process.  Practicing S.K.Y., imbibing knowledge, meditation and yoga together relieve us of pain. I have friends who previously suffered from anxiety/depression/heart disease or bipolar relieved by regular practice of S.K.Y.

The results?

Pain and suffering exist in life, only for us to evolve spiritually in this lifetime. The spiritual evolution is not automatic; it is only through transcending the suffering that we evolve spiritually. Through regular spiritual practices we transcend suffering to relieve pain and evolve spiritually.

The above applies to all pains in life, pains due to emotions, separation or loss, pain of watching others suffering, pain of abuse inflicted by self and others, mental pain and physical pain.

The way out of pain through karmic effects is to try and transcend it, and manage with medication. Through advancement in Science and Medicine, there are many means of pain relief available. While it is judicious to manage pain using medication, it is good in addition to transcend karmic effects.


Note: The above mentioned illnesses warrant pain-killer/anti-depressant drugs that affect the functioning of the bodily systems. It is advisable that people suffering, work closely with their doctors and carers to choose times when they can be off medication to learn and practice the Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (S.K.Y.).

Love you!


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