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Law and Sex?

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Law and Sexuality?

The Australian and Indian governments make it illegal for some people to marry based on their sexual preference.

There should be no law on innate harmless urge.

Homosexuality has existed for a long time. Only now people are ready to recognize it and own it. Broad-minded countries are embracing this and allowing for it in their legal system.

To be homosexual is an innate urge – we do not choose to be homosexual. It propagates through lifetimes until it is stopped.

Seeing homosexual men, heterosexual men think they have missed out on something – this has aroused aggression toward homosexual men.

The Guru says “Homosexuality is not a crime. Homosexuality has never been considered a crime in Hindu culture. In fact, there is a story – Lord Ayyappa was born of Hari-Hara (Vishnu & Shiva). #Sec377

Homosexuality-not a crime in any Smriti. Everyone has male & female elements. According to their dominance, tendencies show up & may change.

Nobody should face discrimination because of their sexual preferences. To be branded a criminal for this is absurd.

Gay people are seeking equal rights all over the world – This must mean they do not go on parades showing off how different they are, it contradicts our request.

Most gay people are flamboyant and are distracted at work.  Learning Sudarshan Kriya Yoga and practicing it regularly, we gain focus and clarity. Then there need be no reason we are discriminated against employment at work.

Same sex marriage – it will be legalized.
However, assisted reproduction must not be an option.

Excepting people like Penny Wong and Ellen DeGeneres who have shown themselves to be Leaders – they will do any job they are given well, People in homogenous relationships must be looked upon as adults still needing to grow.

Love you!


Homosexuality is not a crime:

The Guru’s twitter: @SriSriSpeaks


Subtle Communication

Subtle Communication

Subtle energy is the prana, life-force, within us. Subtle body is the ethereal form, through which we experience the prana. I did not think about subtle energy or subtle body, until I wrote this, but I have been experiencing both since August 2006.

How do Subtle Energy, Subtle Body work?

There are pre-requisites for me to experience the subtle energy and subtle body with another person –

Be centered/ relaxed within i.e., Be with a meditative, quiet, or a still mind.

In a still state of mind, thinking softly of someone, now that I love the whole world, I am connected with them in subtle energy; if that person is also relaxed at the time, and is thinking about me. Being this way I communicate and experience their energy within me.

I experience subtle energy, subtle body relationship with James regularly daily/weekly/monthly. My relationship with him has been only in subtle energy. I have met James twice. And I receive messages in subtle energy from the Guru and Rishiji, my mentor.

Who I know communicates with subtle energy?

I know others who communicate with the Guru this way. The communication happens intuitively.

Subtle Energy, Subtle Body experiences are a privilege of a few; they are not for everyone. When I am not centered in myself, if I think I am experiencing subtle energy, subtle body, I will be deluded. Even when centered, I must not take subtle energy, subtle body experiences for granted.

Initially when I experienced subtle energy with the Guru, Rishiji, James or anyone else I checked for additional signs around me to confirm what was exchanged. Initially when I experienced subtle body with James I checked for more than one sensation in my body to confirm.

Subtle communication is not telepathy – When people communicate subtly they know the communication has happened and the communication can be two way.

With Love!

Jyo – Telepathy images

How to Transform Emotions

How to Transform Emotions

Love is not an emotion. Love is at the base of every emotion. Any emotion that arises in us stays with us from a couple of seconds to up to two and a half days. We can wait the emotion out or transform it to what it is, an expression of ‘love’. Here is how I learnt to transform emotions:

8 August 2006,

Since Mukur left eight months ago, the special breathing technique has given me the strength to be with all my feelings, guilt, anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness, and hurt, in the quagmire of dissolution. At first the feelings would stay for a couple of days at a time. Now I am past that, relaxed, happy and at peace with myself. It has given me clarity of my thoughts and feelings. I can observe my thoughts arise and let them be, my feelings stay a couple of minutes to an hour.

In this state, I meet James. I cannot sleep the night, or the night after. My eyes stay ‘open’ for two full weeks. Chandrika diagnoses, “You are ‘in Love’.” My attempts to meet him again, are in vain.

Four weeks after meeting James, my longing continues – I am happy that I feel so light in my being, right now. I am frustrated at times which feels overpowering. Before it leads to anger I want to get to the bottom of this frustration and come out of it:

What am I frustrated about? – That James is not responding. In the quietness of my mind I understand, that if James does not respond that is his ‘response’.

What does that mean to me? – I feel sad.

What is this sadness about? – That the depth of my love is not acknowledged. Oh. I do know the depth of my love to be sacred – I cannot make light of it because of James’ (or anyone’s) ignorance. I delve on this love and its depth. It lives in spite of James and my frustration. With this I know this love is not really about James. This love dwells deep within me. James only opened me to it. With this love I want to protect my very being from hurt and harm.

I think this is the most important analysis I have done in my life to-date. I am excited for me. I take many events in my life and my emotions through them, I practice going through to the bottom of this love with every emotion.

A year later I start meditating every night with a meditation called Transforming Emotions from a three meditation CD set, The Gift of Silence by the Guru. This would settle any/all emotions of the day. After two years, no emotions bother me. Any emotion that arises lasts a few seconds or drops as soon as it arises. Also this same time I learn all there is to know about ‘Love’ through the Guru’s commentaries on Narada’s Bhakti Sutras. This knowledge adds new, deeper meaning to my love for the world, James and me. It keeps me delightfully relaxed.

December 2006,

What love really does to you is that it refines your consciousness. In the state of love, you become sensitive. For your consciousness to perceive the truth, it needs to be in the state of love, which makes you very refined” – The Guru.

The hint I sent James has seeped in. I write James a letter, typed up, about what I like, admire and love about him. I can tell he liked reading it because the day he would receive it, buckets full of energy of pleasance descended on me. Oh. He got it. The second time he read it, I read it with him word for word.

On the Monday, I expect him to call me. I receive an email – a one liner.

I am flattered by your attention. Unfortunately, I am already in a relationship.”

I deliberate upon my experiences on the day I met James and the two weeks after. How can I add meaning to Unfortunately? GOSH. NO WAY. I am not going to take him away from someone.

I reply: “

What I have gained is priceless… I am glad I have enough projects to work on and forget what happened and you have enough wisdom to forgive me for the same.

Love you,”

I cannot fall out of love just because of a line in his email.

My journey about realizing my love and purpose in life starts now?

Love is not an emotion. Loving someone causes emotions. Once we learn to transcend emotions, love remains love and nothing else.

After learning the process of transforming emotions I apply it to every emotion, thought and feeling that arose in me. Each time I would trace the emotion, thought or feeling back to Love for myself and others. I realize “everything in life is about love”; Love is all there is in life.

Love you!