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Subtle Communication

Subtle Communication

Subtle energy is the prana, life-force, within us. Subtle body is the ethereal form, through which we experience the prana. I did not think about subtle energy or subtle body, until I wrote this, but I have been experiencing both since August 2006.

How do Subtle Energy, Subtle Body work?

There are pre-requisites for me to experience the subtle energy and subtle body with another person –

Be centered/ relaxed within i.e., Be with a meditative, quiet, or a still mind.

In a still state of mind, thinking softly of someone, now that I love the whole world, I am connected with them in subtle energy; if that person is also relaxed at the time, and is thinking about me. Being this way I communicate and experience their energy within me.

I experience subtle energy, subtle body relationship with James regularly daily/weekly/monthly. My relationship with him has been only in subtle energy. I have met James twice. And I receive messages in subtle energy from the Guru and Rishiji, my mentor.

Who I know communicates with subtle energy?

I know others who communicate with the Guru this way. The communication happens intuitively.

Subtle Energy, Subtle Body experiences are a privilege of a few; they are not for everyone. When I am not centered in myself, if I think I am experiencing subtle energy, subtle body, I will be deluded. Even when centered, I must not take subtle energy, subtle body experiences for granted.

Initially when I experienced subtle energy with the Guru, Rishiji, James or anyone else I checked for additional signs around me to confirm what was exchanged. Initially when I experienced subtle body with James I checked for more than one sensation in my body to confirm.

Subtle communication is not telepathy – When people communicate subtly they know the communication has happened and the communication can be two way.

With Love!

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