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Why GONSKI could be wrong?

David Gonski has made his name doing business. Education is not a business. David Gonski has not been a teacher or a principal and hence is not the right person to advice about Schools.

Julia Gillard did well to hesitate midway of the process – her intuition told her the research was not well considered.

It is not right that we compare our schools with the schools elsewhere. (By the way, 5 of the 40 odd Australian Universities have been ranked top 100 in the world by published academics…)  Also there is no need to point out low performance amongst students.

Schooling resources must be built up not put on.

Current funds must be used right.

School planning and building expansions must be driven by schools themselves and their staff.

Private schools are set up by savvy businesspersons who were once a principal of a government school. They learnt the tricks of the trade, found what needed improvement, and how they could use this information to better themselves and others. Even in a free education system, private schools will get government assistance per number of child they are teaching free.

Public schools should be brought up to match private schools in the resources for learning because we do not want some students to miss out. Public schools need extra resources to cater for additional levels of children they serve. Public schools will not select students based on religion. Public schools will teach tolerance to religions of students in the school without separating the students.

There are not enough people interested in being teachers.

Parents and community must acknowledge that teachers in younger schools play a noble role.

People who love to teach must be encouraged to teach – this knowledge can be gained from the choice of work they make after high school and during university.

Teachers must be trained to expect the most from every child. Teachers need to be tested for their teaching abilities and trained in areas where they need training. The government must stop ruling schools. Teachers must be given some time to be together with each other.

The community must encourage studies and studying – this is needed.

It is good for media to give less importance to people doing it out of the education system.

School related shows turning into sex related shows do not encourage students. Shows preparing students with certain questions and making fun of adults are not needed.

Parents are stressed – Businesses and organizations need to hire people who are interested to do the job and train them, and not go for people who look good on the resume.

Let the schools inculcate the love of studying in students – that is what is needed. Let this love of studying be furthered in higher education in addition to preparing students with the skills to work.

Let schools be given opportunities to work and serve the community, this will make students good leaders of tomorrow.

All 18 year olds will get career advice at their respective schools. They must take personality tests to know their personalities. They must apply for courses based on what they enjoy the most or what they think they enjoy the most. Personality attributes needed for People in the fields of work will be their guide. People who cannot get into courses of their preference will need counsellors. It is up to schools to arrange for counsellors. All schools must have advisers for students to help with school related problems – These can be teachers themselves.

… This is about how to use what is available now…

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Disclaimer: This blog and the above reports/articles is about Australian Schools.

Ever since I recognized that my mum was a teacher at a primary and middle school and heard her challenges with the system, it has been my passion to seek improvements for students of underprivileged backgrounds when I am ready.

Love you!