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I am taken where I am needed.

It is a weekday; I am at home in front of the computer doing some research on a company for a job interview. Suddenly a thought arises I must go to the shopping centre. Why must I go? I must get milk, before the kids get home. I get ready for shopping and drive to the Eastgardens shopping centre.

It is not like me to come without a list for shopping. All I can think of is milk, to buy. I buy bread and eggs in addition and am wondering – what do I do nextThere is something else to do. Walking past the coffee bar toward the car park, I feel like relaxing with a hot chocolate. The coffee man charmingly asks me if he can interest me in a chai latte with the vanilla flavour.

“Yes. You can because you are asking so charmingly,” I give in.

“You can sit anywhere, I will bring it to you shortly,” he says cheerily.

I really do not want a drink, I would prefer to go home and have my lunch shortly. Just the same I am going to enjoy it. Where do I sit? All tables that are marked for this bar seem taken, with cups, plates, newspapers and mobile phones. The only one with the least on it, I go to. There’s a young girl sitting relaxed with her take away drink in front of her. She is going through her mobile phone.

I: “Do you mind?” I ask her. I will call her Simone.

Simone: “Sure. Please do.”

We comment on our beautiful ear rings and start talking. Simone tells me she is on a break at the moment. She is a freelancer of some sort. She had a boyfriend that introduced her to India. The boyfriend moved on, but she cannot get enough of India. She is planning to go on a trip shortly there. And her brother might join her as well.

“How come you look so serene and peaceful?” she asks.

I tell her what I am into. She is into yoga and meditation as well. And then I tell her about the Guru coming to Sydney and how she could, if she were not going to India shortly, do the course with me. We laugh. She has decided especially because of her brother. I tell her it is Ok, there is always another time.

And then she suddenly tells me,

Simone: “I am pleasantly surprised that you are sitting here talking with me, a stranger, like this. You listened to me say about anything and everything. People do not come like that now-a-days. They have their paper to read, mobile phone to work with…”

I woke up this morning for you my dear. You are pleased to have me talk with you for only ten minutes?

I look around. And yes that is true, people are always busy. They keep themselves busy.

I: “I am on my break now, when I am working you won’t find me in the shopping centre at all.”

We laugh.

I feel she wants something from me. I check my bag. The brochures about the Guru’s visit that I had, I have exhausted them just yesterday at the library. Now it is coming back to me, I bought milk, bread and eggs yesterday already, when I visited the library at this very centre.

I tell her if I had the brochure about the events around the Guru’s visit, I could have given it to her for keep sake from me.

Simone: “Do you want my mobile number maybe to keep in touch for later?” She is asking me sweetly.

I think she is hesitating to ask for my mobile number. I remember my networking days working a multi-level marketing business; I prided myself being a good networker.

“You take the control, you get their number, if you leave it to them they won’t contact you…”

I: “There is no need for that, if it is meant to be we will meet again.”

We part soon after.

Well I have not met Simone yet. However, she reflected back to me who I am today.

Love you!



Law and Sex?

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Law and Sexuality?

The Australian and Indian governments make it illegal for some people to marry based on their sexual preference.

There should be no law on innate harmless urge.

Homosexuality has existed for a long time. Only now people are ready to recognize it and own it. Broad-minded countries are embracing this and allowing for it in their legal system.

To be homosexual is an innate urge – we do not choose to be homosexual. It propagates through lifetimes until it is stopped.

Seeing homosexual men, heterosexual men think they have missed out on something – this has aroused aggression toward homosexual men.

The Guru says “Homosexuality is not a crime. Homosexuality has never been considered a crime in Hindu culture. In fact, there is a story – Lord Ayyappa was born of Hari-Hara (Vishnu & Shiva). #Sec377

Homosexuality-not a crime in any Smriti. Everyone has male & female elements. According to their dominance, tendencies show up & may change.

Nobody should face discrimination because of their sexual preferences. To be branded a criminal for this is absurd.

Gay people are seeking equal rights all over the world – This must mean they do not go on parades showing off how different they are, it contradicts our request.

Most gay people are flamboyant and are distracted at work.  Learning Sudarshan Kriya Yoga and practicing it regularly, we gain focus and clarity. Then there need be no reason we are discriminated against employment at work.

Same sex marriage – it will be legalized.
However, assisted reproduction must not be an option.

Excepting people like Penny Wong and Ellen DeGeneres who have shown themselves to be Leaders – they will do any job they are given well, People in homogenous relationships must be looked upon as adults still needing to grow.

Love you!


Homosexuality is not a crime:

The Guru’s twitter: @SriSriSpeaks



Why GONSKI could be wrong?

David Gonski has made his name doing business. Education is not a business. David Gonski has not been a teacher or a principal and hence is not the right person to advice about Schools.

Julia Gillard did well to hesitate midway of the process – her intuition told her the research was not well considered.

It is not right that we compare our schools with the schools elsewhere. (By the way, 5 of the 40 odd Australian Universities have been ranked top 100 in the world by published academics…)  Also there is no need to point out low performance amongst students.

Schooling resources must be built up not put on.

Current funds must be used right.

School planning and building expansions must be driven by schools themselves and their staff.

Private schools are set up by savvy businesspersons who were once a principal of a government school. They learnt the tricks of the trade, found what needed improvement, and how they could use this information to better themselves and others. Even in a free education system, private schools will get government assistance per number of child they are teaching free.

Public schools should be brought up to match private schools in the resources for learning because we do not want some students to miss out. Public schools need extra resources to cater for additional levels of children they serve. Public schools will not select students based on religion. Public schools will teach tolerance to religions of students in the school without separating the students.

There are not enough people interested in being teachers.

Parents and community must acknowledge that teachers in younger schools play a noble role.

People who love to teach must be encouraged to teach – this knowledge can be gained from the choice of work they make after high school and during university.

Teachers must be trained to expect the most from every child. Teachers need to be tested for their teaching abilities and trained in areas where they need training. The government must stop ruling schools. Teachers must be given some time to be together with each other.

The community must encourage studies and studying – this is needed.

It is good for media to give less importance to people doing it out of the education system.

School related shows turning into sex related shows do not encourage students. Shows preparing students with certain questions and making fun of adults are not needed.

Parents are stressed – Businesses and organizations need to hire people who are interested to do the job and train them, and not go for people who look good on the resume.

Let the schools inculcate the love of studying in students – that is what is needed. Let this love of studying be furthered in higher education in addition to preparing students with the skills to work.

Let schools be given opportunities to work and serve the community, this will make students good leaders of tomorrow.

All 18 year olds will get career advice at their respective schools. They must take personality tests to know their personalities. They must apply for courses based on what they enjoy the most or what they think they enjoy the most. Personality attributes needed for People in the fields of work will be their guide. People who cannot get into courses of their preference will need counsellors. It is up to schools to arrange for counsellors. All schools must have advisers for students to help with school related problems – These can be teachers themselves.

… This is about how to use what is available now…

Additional links:

Disclaimer: This blog and the above reports/articles is about Australian Schools.

Ever since I recognized that my mum was a teacher at a primary and middle school and heard her challenges with the system, it has been my passion to seek improvements for students of underprivileged backgrounds when I am ready.

Love you!


Subtle Communication

Subtle Communication

Subtle energy is the prana, life-force, within us. Subtle body is the ethereal form, through which we experience the prana. I did not think about subtle energy or subtle body, until I wrote this, but I have been experiencing both since August 2006.

How do Subtle Energy, Subtle Body work?

There are pre-requisites for me to experience the subtle energy and subtle body with another person –

Be centered/ relaxed within i.e., Be with a meditative, quiet, or a still mind.

In a still state of mind, thinking softly of someone, now that I love the whole world, I am connected with them in subtle energy; if that person is also relaxed at the time, and is thinking about me. Being this way I communicate and experience their energy within me.

I experience subtle energy, subtle body relationship with James regularly daily/weekly/monthly. My relationship with him has been only in subtle energy. I have met James twice. And I receive messages in subtle energy from the Guru and Rishiji, my mentor.

Who I know communicates with subtle energy?

I know others who communicate with the Guru this way. The communication happens intuitively.

Subtle Energy, Subtle Body experiences are a privilege of a few; they are not for everyone. When I am not centered in myself, if I think I am experiencing subtle energy, subtle body, I will be deluded. Even when centered, I must not take subtle energy, subtle body experiences for granted.

Initially when I experienced subtle energy with the Guru, Rishiji, James or anyone else I checked for additional signs around me to confirm what was exchanged. Initially when I experienced subtle body with James I checked for more than one sensation in my body to confirm.

Subtle communication is not telepathy – When people communicate subtly they know the communication has happened and the communication can be two way.

With Love!

Jyo – Telepathy images