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I am taken where I am needed.

It is a weekday; I am at home in front of the computer doing some research on a company for a job interview. Suddenly a thought arises I must go to the shopping centre. Why must I go? I must get milk, before the kids get home. I get ready for shopping and drive to the Eastgardens shopping centre.

It is not like me to come without a list for shopping. All I can think of is milk, to buy. I buy bread and eggs in addition and am wondering – what do I do nextThere is something else to do. Walking past the coffee bar toward the car park, I feel like relaxing with a hot chocolate. The coffee man charmingly asks me if he can interest me in a chai latte with the vanilla flavour.

“Yes. You can because you are asking so charmingly,” I give in.

“You can sit anywhere, I will bring it to you shortly,” he says cheerily.

I really do not want a drink, I would prefer to go home and have my lunch shortly. Just the same I am going to enjoy it. Where do I sit? All tables that are marked for this bar seem taken, with cups, plates, newspapers and mobile phones. The only one with the least on it, I go to. There’s a young girl sitting relaxed with her take away drink in front of her. She is going through her mobile phone.

I: “Do you mind?” I ask her. I will call her Simone.

Simone: “Sure. Please do.”

We comment on our beautiful ear rings and start talking. Simone tells me she is on a break at the moment. She is a freelancer of some sort. She had a boyfriend that introduced her to India. The boyfriend moved on, but she cannot get enough of India. She is planning to go on a trip shortly there. And her brother might join her as well.

“How come you look so serene and peaceful?” she asks.

I tell her what I am into. She is into yoga and meditation as well. And then I tell her about the Guru coming to Sydney and how she could, if she were not going to India shortly, do the course with me. We laugh. She has decided especially because of her brother. I tell her it is Ok, there is always another time.

And then she suddenly tells me,

Simone: “I am pleasantly surprised that you are sitting here talking with me, a stranger, like this. You listened to me say about anything and everything. People do not come like that now-a-days. They have their paper to read, mobile phone to work with…”

I woke up this morning for you my dear. You are pleased to have me talk with you for only ten minutes?

I look around. And yes that is true, people are always busy. They keep themselves busy.

I: “I am on my break now, when I am working you won’t find me in the shopping centre at all.”

We laugh.

I feel she wants something from me. I check my bag. The brochures about the Guru’s visit that I had, I have exhausted them just yesterday at the library. Now it is coming back to me, I bought milk, bread and eggs yesterday already, when I visited the library at this very centre.

I tell her if I had the brochure about the events around the Guru’s visit, I could have given it to her for keep sake from me.

Simone: “Do you want my mobile number maybe to keep in touch for later?” She is asking me sweetly.

I think she is hesitating to ask for my mobile number. I remember my networking days working a multi-level marketing business; I prided myself being a good networker.

“You take the control, you get their number, if you leave it to them they won’t contact you…”

I: “There is no need for that, if it is meant to be we will meet again.”

We part soon after.

Well I have not met Simone yet. However, she reflected back to me who I am today.

Love you!



About Dieting/ Fasting

About Dieting/ Fasting

What is my take about dieting, and Fasting?

Where I come from ‘Fasting’ translates to Upavaas. In Sanskrit Upavaas translates to ‘Sitting Close’ – Sitting Close to a Guru imbibing knowledge in bliss whence you forget to eat and drink. Now-a-days Upavaas means fasting, with awareness this might change back to what it really means.

Now I understand I eat too much food to satisfy my cravings. With fasting at different levels now I understand that the cravings are because my body needs minerals. The empty foods that I eat are not fulfilling this need so I tend to eat more.

Here is how I arrive at the above take:

As a young person, I observed many people, including my mum, fast regularly on special days/occasions; as penance in the name of their deity.

At eighteen, out of peer pressure (room-mate) in university, I fasted (?) 1 day/week with one evening meal with no salt or spices for one year. I put a question mark on this, because the whole day I dribbled thinking about what I would eat in the next meal. What I gained from this experience is the food is really tasty.

At thirty seven, I fasted (dieted) for three months eating any form of sugar on only one day a week. I.e. no sugar in any form for six days, along with two walks daily. I gained a fit and healthy body losing ten kilograms in the process.

Two years later I learned a very special breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya yoga (which I practice every day to this day). With this I have found that I am naturally ‘aware’ all the time. Out of wonder, to cleanse my system of ‘anything else’, I fasted two days/month for three months – I chose a weekend to do this – I would eat nothing but would drink any amount of water; and I countered any anger that would arise with particular yogic breathing practice – kapala bhati a type of pranayama. With this I am now aware of my body needs with respect to food – I eat a bit slower, eat more fresh food – fruits and vegetables in season; I sit to eat.

Love you!

P.S. Question and answer from Yahoo answers site

Disclaimer: All diets/ fasts must be done under medical supervision with due respect to individual medical conditions.